Training Courses


Carrying out Investigations in the workplace

Why attend?

This course will explain good process and enable you to prepare and carry out investigations in the workplace. It is suitable for all HR Personnel, Managers, Business Owners and anyone who may have to fulfil the role of investigator in the workplace.

Under Human Rights legislation there is the right to have a fair trial (Art 6). Translated into the workplace, this means that a proper procedure and process is in place to deal with employee complaints and employee problems. The starting point for that is often the necessity to carry out a clear and comprehensive investigation to establish the facts.

Discrimination and Employment

Why attend?

This training course will give you a comprehensive overview of the main considerations in employment legislation and information and suggestions on how to protect yourself against a future discrimination claim.

Understanding contracts of employment

Why attend?

Do you understand the different types and when to use them? This short session will enable you to determine the right contract for the right position and person.

All courses are delivered using interactive teaching methods by  highly qualified and experienced Lecturers and developed by an Employment Law Adviser.

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Mediation is an effective tool for resolving both newly arisen and ongoing disputes between individuals, and teams. By appointing Clear Concepts to mediate a dispute within your organisation, you are choosing a professional, experienced and neutral provider. We are experienced in all types of dispute and instructions are invited from employers and employees.