We pride ourself on our reputation for professionalism and our watch word is "Protection".

Protecting you

Our Services

For Employers

Managing difficult employees

Challenging, absent, low performing, ill, naughty, thieving.. or just downright lazy!

Change management

Is your business suffering from low productivity? Slow processes? Poor customer service? Let us change the way you work and you will see your bottom line in profit soar.

Invest today to gain tomorrow

Dispute resolution

Locked in a battle with staff, customers, trades people, or Partners? We offer a cheaper more effective way of resolving disputes without resorting to legal action.

Contracts and Policy documents

Let us review your existing contracts and documents, we guarantee to suggest changes that will save you money, or we won’t charge for our time.

Employment Tribunal claims

We provide support and advice at all stages of tribunal claims. The majority of our work leads to matters being resolved and we have set precedent in many cases before the Tribunal.

If tribunal representation is necessary, we work hand in hand with a reputable and local law firm to protect your interests.

For Employees

Employment rights

Do you know what your rights are? Do you really understand your contract? Are you subject to disciplinary or capability action? Do you feel you have no say in what is happening to you in the workplace? We can help as we provide support and advice on all employment problems.


Whatever your problem might be, if it relates to the workplace and / or employment Clear Concepts can help.