AM Consultancy

Mrs Julie Gallon CIPD
Personal Assistant/HR Manager
Trust Ford Jersey

As a large corporate business in 2004 operating in both Jersey and Guernsey with 150 staff, it had now become essential to comply with both the Laws of Jersey and Guernsey and to seek a consultant/specialist to assist me with the implementation of a company staff handbook, updated contracts, policies and procedures, that would comply with both Islands.

Due to the complexity of our requirements June Summers-Shaw has guided me through the last ten years with her full comprehensive understanding of the Laws and Legislation in both Islands that I felt very comfortable with at all times. She provided the company with full training on employment matters and led me through difficult times when company decisions needed to be enforced.

Her confidentiality and professionalism was paramount and when there were issues, June was always there to be relied upon with her expertise and the problems always flittered away.

Any issue was always dealt with in a timely and personable manner. Her fees were more than affordable compared to the cost of ‘getting it wrong’.

It has been a real pleasure working with June Summers-Shaw over the last ten years as she had become my mentor, coacher, confidante and, most importantly, the best professional in Human Resources I have ever known.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Clear Concepts to any prospective client and will certainly continue to use her services in the future.

Mr Martin Whitley, St John
Whitley vs. States Employment Board

I never thought I would need employment law advice but when I was made compulsory redundant from the public sector, Clear Concepts made the whole application process very easy. Their advice from the outset was practical and strategic and was proven correct. I did worry about undertaking litigation but it was comfortable with Clear Concepts support. I had initially intended to present my claim based on my perspective of the law. However Clear Concepts very clearly guided me down a different route and prepared me for the subsequent Tribunal. Their advice was good and readily available and needless to say I won the case and was deemed unfairly dismissed.

There is no doubt in my mind that had I not been guided by Clear Concepts the employer would have had their bad practises endorsed and I would have not been successful.

AM Consultancy

Adrien Merhet
AM Consultancy

As a small but growing business, it’s important we focus our time and expertise on those things that will help us flourish while remaining abreast of important governing rules and regulations. While it may be tempting to try ‘getting by’ when it comes to employment laws, experience tells us it’s an area we simply cannot afford to get wrong – both for the sake of the business and our employees.

Over the last few years we have relied on Clear Concepts to provide the additional expertise on HR and employment matters as and when we require it. They have always dealt with our questions, issues and requirements in a constructive and professional manner, recognising and adapting their approach to the differing needs of our business. As such, we would have no hesitation in recommending June and her company to any prospective client.

Amazin Maze, Jersey

Kristina Le Feuvre

aMaizin! is a small business that incorporates a lot of variation every working day. Like most small businesses we initially struggled with ensuring that staff handbooks, contracts and accommodation contracts were sufficient to comply with current legislation and cover the company in the event of any dispute. Clear Concepts provided a clear and knowledgeable service that took into account the complex nature of our business and the variety of contracts that we issue. Easy to deal with, comprehensive understanding of current issues, and clear advice!

Harbour View, Jersey

Kelly Keadell
Harbour View Hotel and Eatery

We have had great pleasure in working with Clear Concepts over the last few years. They have been of great help with staff related matters and queries.

Mercury Distribution Ltd, Jersey


Mercury Distribution Limited operates in both Jersey and Guernsey to provide a huge range of products and services from janitorial goods to the installation of industrial kitchens. Mercury has over 60 employees between the Islands and has been a client of Clear Concepts since 2007.

Clear Concepts was recommended to Mercury at a time when it was necessary to review and revise employment contracts, job descriptions and associated documents to ensure that they satisfied the requirements of new employment legislation in both Jersey and Guernsey. It was felt that an objective and independent assessment from a specialist would be preferable to trying to undertake this exercise in-house.

The advice received both in relation to that initial instruction, and whenever assistance has been required since then, for example with appraisal training, disciplinary issues and other employment matters, has been delivered in a practical, timely, personable, user-friendly, and cost-efficient way.

Clear Concepts will provide specialist advice as and when required, which is just what any business that does not have its own large human resources department needs. Therefore, Mercury would have no hesitation in recommending Clear Concepts to any prospective client.